Deputy Harry McKinney & his partners Afra and Jessie

Deputy Harry McKinney is the owner and handler of two Police K-9s:
Deputy McKinney is a 26 year veteran of the Chester County Sheriff’s Office. He is a K-9 handler and is certified to train Police K-9 teams. Deputy McKinney has served with the Sheriff’s Office in the Civil Division, Transports and Extraditions, and the Courts. Harry served for ten years as a firearm and range instructor and has extensive experience in the License to Carry Firearms area. He is an instructor in Flying Armed. Harry oversees outside promotional operations for the office and is Chairman of the Chester County Sheriff’s Office Annual Community Golf Outing and the Sheriff’s Office Wild Game Dinner.

Afra and Jessie are half sisters. 
Both were sired by East German award winning K-9 Racker vom Gleisdreieck of the:


Afra was born November 18, 2007. She is a East German Shepherd. Afra’s Mother and Father are both title dogs from East Germany. Afra is a dual-purpose police K9. She has the ability to detect specialty odors in explosives, and she is trained in patrol functions. She is also trained in tracking, apprehension, handler protection and building and area searches. She is smaller in size than the male dogs which enable her to access tighter areas and more restricted spaces. Afra takes all of her working commands in German from Deputy McKinney.

Special thanks to Dr. Amy Kidd and her staff at the Pocopson Veterinary Station for always taking such good care of us.
" We love you "
Afra and Jessie.

Jessie is also owned by Deputy McKinney she was born March 23, 2010. She is also an East German Shepherd. She is unique in her appearance because she is pure black in color with no markings. In March of 2011, Jessie began her training and was certified on July 15, 2011 in narcotics detection, tracking and article searches. She is still a puppy and full of mischief like chewing shoes and furniture when she is at home. Jessie loves children and takes all of her working commands in German.