Afra was born November 18, 2007. She is a East German Shepherd. Afra’s Mother and Father are both title dogs from East Germany. Afra is a dual-purpose police K9. She has the ability to detect specialty odors in explosives, and she is trained in patrol functions. She is also trained in tracking, apprehension, handler protection, building and area searches. She is smaller in size than the male dogs which enable her to access tighter areas and more restricted spaces. Afra takes all of her working commands in German from Deputy McKinney.

Afra’s mother is a Schutzhund I all East German female. Her father is Schutzhund III East German male. Top old East German working lines. Racker is a son of world champion Glenn von der Hunergrasse.

Afra’s parents:


Fanka - retired
(Schutzhund I)


Racker vom Gleisdreieck (Schutzhund III)